Specialty Nutrients in ProDerma

ProDerma is a delicious, highly concentrated nutritional powder, scientifically formulated to provide a balanced blend of 40 active ingredients; high-quality protein sources and powerful nutrients that are helpful in producing healthy skin and luxurious fur and haircoats for all breeds of cats and dogs.

A lifetime of pet research has taught me how challenging it can be to try to get dogs and cats to swallow pills.  That’s why I formulated most of my supplements in powder form. This makes it very easy provide the proper daily dosages.  It also allows us to leave out the ingredients whose only purpose is to form and maintain a tablet shape. Just sprinkle the Advanced Veterinary Nutrition supplements dry onto any diet, or moistened to make a tasty, nutritious broth. I pay great attention to maximizing palatability when I develop supplements.  Most users of AVN products report that their dogs and cats love the flavor, but with especially finicky cats and dogs a powder also makes it easier to slowly introduce a new element into their diet.

Canine ProDerma

Feline ProDerma

By Clayton Bolinger
February 28, 2023