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Recommended By Dr. William Barnett, DVM

AVN Founder

“I have had many senior dogs over the years. I know how challenging it can be to take care of them. Issues like strange behavior, accidents within the house, difficulty getting around, cataracts, and hearing loss. Plus dealing with the more serious age-related diseases that can be life-threatening like heart failure, diabetes, kidney failure and cancer.

“Many of the senior diseases warrant the specialty care of a veterinarian; many of which have discovered that Animal Health Supplementation supports typical treatment modalities and can make a big difference. So, let me tell you about some of the products that I developed that can be extremely helpful to senior dogs as they make their way through the years.“

– Dr William Barnett, DVM

ProBalance – Complete Daily Wellness

Start with my foundational Animal Health Supplement, Canine ProBalance. The 83 active ingredients work together to ensure your senior dog is receiving everything they need to remain fit and healthy for as long as possible. The digestive system of older dogs declines with age often depriving them of the essential and specialty ingredients needed for optimum health.

We have a growing population of overweight dogs, which is as unhealthy as any serious disease. Allowing a dog to remain overweight can easily lead to diabetes, heart disease, stomach and intestinal problems, kidney failure, and joint issues such as painful arthritis.


ImmunoPro – Immune Support

A second product I recommend as an addition to ProBalance is my Canine ImmunoPro. Sadly, cancer kills an estimated 25 percent of all purebred dogs. In fact, 45 percent of dogs who live past ten years old of age will likely succumb to cancer. Senior dogs become increasingly susceptible to infectious diseases as their acquired immunity begins to gradually decline. This past year over 5 million dogs were diagnosed with cancer. While treatment is available it is expensive, which makes what I am about to say especially important. Anything you can do to keep your senior dogs healthy lessens the chance that your dog will become one of the cancer statistics. Enhancing the innate immune system with the 41 active ingredients in ImmunoPro can help seniors compensate for the decrease in their overall immune system, and a strong innate immune system can go a long way towards eliminating or slowing the progress of any disease including cancer.


ArthraPro – Muscle & Joint Support

Canine ArthraPro is what your dog needs if they are already showing signs of joint problems. ArthraPro contains a combination of 44 additional joint healing ingredients that both provide support for muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and can help rebuild damaged cartilage. Canine ArthraPro provides the specific collagen types necessary for rapid repair of damaged cartilage, strengthening of ligaments, and tendons plus it contains the patented ingredient B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate (HMB) that has been proven to support the rebuilding of weakened, atrophied muscles.


GastroPro – Digestive Support

As dogs age, their ability to digest and utilize nutrients declines due to a diminished level of enzymes and the loss of intestinal bacteria. This weakens your senior dog’s immune system and their ability to digest and utilize essential nutrients. Canine GastroPro provides a proprietary blend of nutritional enzymes and billions of helpful intestinal bacteria (probiotics) to help your dog absorb the nutrients they need and support a healthy gut.


CogniPro – Cognitive Support

Just like humans, most dogs experience mental decline and cognitive dysfunction as they age. However, with proper nutritional support it has been shown that cognitive issues may be managed and sometimes even reversed. For this reason, I believe that all aging dogs should be on my Canine CogniPro product throughout their senior years. By directly providing the specific nutrients that feed the brain you may slow the progression of cognitive dysfunction and get your best friend back for their remaining years.


ProCalm – Behavior Support

Dogs are so enjoyable when they are well behaved, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Just like people, many things can cause a dog to feel stress and anxiety, and this can lead to undesirable behaviors: Excessive barking or begging at dinnertime. Aggressively confronting other dogs when you are out walking. Problems when you leave them alone or take them in the car. Chewing on furniture. Soiling the carpet. Lack of attention when you are trying to train them. Canine ProCalm is a natural calming formula that can help relieve the stress and anxiety that cause these unwanted behaviors. Best of all, Canine ProCalm calms your senior dog without making them dopey or sleepy.


ProDerma – Skin & Coat Health

We often see coats thinning and colors changing as our dogs age. These changes are due to hormonal levels dropping and the inability of the dog to process the essential nutrients needed to keep the coat looking like it did as an adult. ProDerma provides a balanced blend of all essential skin and coat nutrients in a formula that is easy for senior dogs to digest and utilize. Over 35 years of use by veterinarians around the globe has shown the clinical results senior dog owners can count on.




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