Healthier, Happier Pets

through Optimum Nutrition

Most of the pet foods your patients are using do not contain the key specialty nutrients that cats and dogs need to thrive.

The Advanced Veterinary Nutrition line of pet supplements has been clinically tested by veterinarians to assure safety and deliver results, including a shinier hair coat, healthier weight, improved performance, a stronger immune system, increased joint mobility and flexibility, overall improved health, and added longevity.

With over 30 years of use by veterinary professionals,
our ProBalance® Formulas have been proven to be effective
in millions of dogs and cats.

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Dr. Bill has been developing products for the veterinary profession since 1982.

Careful attention to the specific nutritional needs of the dog and cat during different life stages, periods of stress, levels of activity and certain medical conditions have determined which products are needed most and will produce the best results. Dr. Bill’s years of experience ensures that safety, efficacy and palatability are all built into every product.

Did You Know?

Owning a pet can add 7 years to your own life! Thank them ahead of time by giving them the gift of Optimum Nutrition, for a longer, healthier life.

The Advanced Veterinary Nutrition product line was developed by William Barnett, DVM over the past 30 years to address key nutritional issues for today’s pets.