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A More Complete Supplement for Canines

Compare the number of active ingredients to any other product. AVN’s veterinarian-developed formulas are based on extensive research and have been used and recommended for over 40 years.

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Complete Daily Wellness

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Digestive Wellness

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Cognitive Function

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Immunity Support

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Joint & Muscle

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Behavior Support Tablets

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Skin & Coat Health

Dr. Bill Barnett

Made in the USA

To ensure safety and efficacy, all Advanced Veterinary Nutrition supplements are made in the U.S. using globally sourced ingredients of the finest quality.

Dr. Bill Barnett

Research Based

Dr. Barnett is a veterinarian who specializes in animal health and performance. He has been dedicated to developing the finest dog and cat supplements since 1982. His sophisticated formulations are based on over forty years of research and clinical use to ensure safety, efficacy, and palatability.

Dr. Bill Barnett

Highest Quality Ingredients

Our supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients available. They are biologically appropriate for dogs and cats and provide proactive animal health support for a variety of medical concerns.

The safe and effective ingredients in AVN supplements work synergistically with medical therapies and can improve animal health.

Our highly effective and easy-to-use supplements can be sprinkled onto food or mixed with liquid for a tasty broth. Dogs love the taste!

Sprinkle on their food

Pets love the taste

Stir into liquid

For a flavorful broth

Human-grade ingredients

Responsibly sourced


For a Longer, Healthier, and More Enjoyable Life

Originally formulated to help performance animals reach their maximum potential and clinically demonstrated to assist during illness, injury, and recovery.

Developed by Dr. William Barnett, DVM

Founder of Advanced Veterinary Nutrition

Since 1982, he has used his skills and knowledge to develop supplements that promote optimum fitness and health in both dogs and cats. Dr. Barnett received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating, he enrolled in the Laboratory Animal Medicine and Surgery program at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Medical Research. Here, as acting veterinarian, he presided over the daily medical and surgical care of more than 13,000 animals. Over the next four years, Dr. Barnett was appointed special advisor to the US Army Dental Institute of Research and the Walter Reed Division of Surgical Research. Dr. Barnett also served eight years as the Head of Surgical Research at the Clinical Investigation Department, Naval Regional Medical Center in San Diego.

Dr. Barnett’s experience and careful attention to the specific health needs of animals throughout all stages of life has led to the development of a line of products that are safe, effective, palatable, and maximize the full potential of the dog and cat – allowing them to live healthier and longer lives.