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Recommended By Dr. William Barnett, DVM

AVN Founder

ProBalance – Complete Daily Wellness

“I personally recommend that all puppy owners add Canine ProBalance to their pet’s daily regimen because it is a great foundation to ensure your puppy is receiving everything they need to attain optimum health throughout growth. ProBalance contains an ideal blend of 83 specialty ingredients, ensuring that regardless of whatever they are fed, they will have everything their rapidly developing bodies need.” – Dr. William Barnett, DVM


ImmunoPro – Immune Support

Puppies are exposed to a wide variety of pathogens as they explore outdoors, go to the dog park for the first time, go through house training, and are being socialized. All this first-time exposure to disease-causing organisms happens while their immune systems are not even close to being fully functional. Studies have shown that there is a significant lapse in a puppy’s immune system from 6 weeks to about 3 months. The 41 active ingredients in Canine ImmunoPro can help your puppy’s innate immune system fight off all the disease-causing organisms they encounter during this critical “immunity gap” in their lives.


GastroPro – Digestive Support

As dogs age, their ability to digest and utilize nutrients declines due to a diminished level of enzymes and the loss of intestinal bacteria. This weakens your senior dog’s immune system and their ability to digest and utilize essential nutrients. Canine GastroPro provides a proprietary blend of nutritional enzymes and billions of helpful intestinal bacteria (probiotics) to help your dog absorb the nutrients they need and support a healthy gut.


ProCalm – Behavior Support

Training your puppy can often be a difficult task, especially if they are incessantly barking, begging, jumping on you, chewing on the furniture or your belongings, soiling on the carpet, exhibiting aggressive behavior, or going nuts whenever you leave the house. Canine ProCalm is a calming agent that assists in relieving the stress and anxiety that cause these unwanted behaviors.



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