Dr. Bill’s ProDerma Recommendations for Each Stage of Life

Adult Cats

A cat’s fur is a good indicator of its overall health. Changes in coat color or quality can be the first sign of disease. Help maintain that natural shine or recover that perfect coat with a tried and proven product that provides all 40 essential skin and coat nutrients in an easy to digest and utilize form. Veterinarians and breeders know that Feline ProDerma really works – that’s why they have been recommending it and using it for over 35 years.

Senior Cats

The skin and coat are tied to nutrient absorption and utilization, so it is easy to see why so many senior cats have itchy skin and poor coats. They are no longer able to digest all of the essential nutrients that keep them fit and trim, so as cats age, they need increased nutrition, yet fewer calories. Feline ProDerma provides all 40 of the extra nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin and coats and has been a favorite recommendation of more than 3000 veterinarians across America for decades.

Adult Dogs

Fleas, mites, bacteria, insufficient nutrition, even seasonal weather conditions can cause significant problems with the skin and coat of your dog. For medium to long coated dogs Canine ProDerma may be substituted for ProBalance. ProDerma has clinically proven its effectiveness for over 40 years for veterinarians and premier breeders.

Senior Dogs

We often see coats thinning and colors changing as our dog’s age. These changes are due to hormonal levels dropping and the inability of the dog to process the essential nutrients needed to keep the coat looking like it did as an adult. ProDerma provides a balanced blend of all 40 essential skin and coat nutrients in a formula that is easy for senior dogs to digest and utilize. Over 40 years of use by veterinarians around the world has shown the clinical results senior dog owners can count on.

Show Dogs

Whether its hair loss from whelping a litter or recovery from seasonal shedding, ProDerma will help you get back to that winning appearance with a luxurious, full coat that says, “I’m a winner”. Show dogs need to not only be in peak health, but also look spectacular to be successful. For medium to long coated show breeds Canine ProDerma may be substituted for ProBalance. ProDerma may also be used with ImmunoPro and ProCell to protect your dog from just about everything possible that show, obedience, and agility dogs are exposed to when they come in contact with hundreds of dogs competing from all over the country.

By Clayton Bolinger
February 28, 2023