Dr. Bill’s FlexPro Recommendations for Each Stage of Life

For Puppies

Active puppies and large or giant breed dogs are most prone to joint injuries or disease. Canine Joint Protect provides additional joint lubrication and supportive nutrients for cartilage health while protecting and repairing minor joint injuries that can occur throughout growth.

For Adult Dogs

Dogs are known for wanting to please their owners, and sometimes the owners ask for more than their dog’s joints can physically take. All active and large breed dogs would benefit greatly from the additional lubrication and joint repairing support nutrients found in Canine Joint Protect.

For Senior Dogs

Multiple small joint injuries throughout a dog’s life can often lead to joint disease. Just like in humans, dogs are more prone to joint injury during their senior years because their muscles, ligaments, and tendons all weaken with age as do the nutrients that support joint health. A small investment in prevention, Canine Joint Protect is the product of choice when apparent joint disease is not present and overall join health is the goal.

For Performance Dogs

It is common for performance dogs of all breeds to obtain multiple joint injuries as owners sometimes ask more from their dogs than their joints can physically take. All performance breeds can benefit greatly from Canine Joint Protect, which can provide the additional lubrication and joint nutrients needed to help rebuild and support the heavily stressed joint structures of our canine athletes.

By Clayton Bolinger
February 28, 2023