Dr. Bill’s ArthraPro Recommendations for Each Stage of Life

Dr. Bill’s recommendations:

FlexPro has been scientifically formulated to help prevent Joint Problems

ArthraPro has been scientifically formulated for dogs and cats who are suffering from joint disease and joint pain.

Senior Cats

I regularly recommend Feline ArthraPro to the owners of senior cats. Feline arthritis is a common problem for many older cats. The active life of a cat can result in multiple injuries to the joints and skeletal system. These injuries become arthritic over time which can be painful and often crippling. I have developed a super product for dealing with senior cat arthritis. The 20 proven ingredients in Feline ArthraPro help eliminate the inflammation associated with any joint injury involving ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and the surrounding support muscles. In addition to ending the vicious pain cycle and helping to rebuild the injured joint structures, it can go a long way towards eliminating the crippling arthritis that can spoil the remaining years of a cat’s life.


Active puppies and large or giant breed dogs are most prone to joint injuries or disease. Canine FlexPro provides additional joint lubrication and supportive nutrients for cartilage health while protecting and repairing minor joint injuries that can occur throughout growth.

Adult Dogs

I recommend that all large and giant breed dogs, and highly active dogs, take Canine FlexPro. Many breeds are especially susceptible to joint problems and Canine FlexPro provides additional lubrication and joint repairing support nutrients needed to help protect against future debilitating joint problems.

If your dog is already experiencing joint problems then they need Canine ArthraPro.

Senior Dogs

Canine FlexPro acts as a preventive providing nutrients that work to support ligaments, tendons and cartilage to keep them strong and healthy. If your dog doesn’t show signs of joint problems yet, and you want to keep it that way, this is the ideal product to keep their joints healthy for as long as possible.

The 20 proven ingredients in Canine ArthraPro are what your dog or cat needs if they are already showing signs of joint problems. ArthraPro contains a combination of additional joint healing nutrients that both provide support for muscle, ligaments, and tendons and can eliminate the inflammation that is causing your dog pain. Reducing inflammation is important not just for comfort, but also because until the inflammation has been reduced the healing process and rebuilding of the various joint structures cannot begin. ArthraPro provides the specific collagen types necessary for rapid repair of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons plus the patented ingredient B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate (HMB) that has been proven to support the rebuilding of weakened, atrophied muscles. This is important because strong muscles and tendons around a damaged or weakened joint can help re-stabilize it.

Performance Dogs

It is common for performance dogs of all breeds to experience joint injury and stress as they are pushed to the limit, sometimes beyond what their joints can physically take. All performance breeds can benefit greatly from Canine FlexPro, which can provide the additional lubrication and joint nutrients needed to help rebuild and support the heavily stressed joint structures of our canine athletes.

Repeated joint injuries, no matter how minor, eventually lead to osteoarthritis – a painful and debilitating disease that can sideline even the best athletic dogs. Canine ArthraPro provides 20 proven joint-healing nutrients as well as support for increased muscle, ligament, and tendon strength needed to support recovering joints. Canine ArthraPro assists in decreasing inflammation so joint and ligament healing can begin. By providing the specialty nutrients necessary for healing you are doing what is necessary to lessen the amount of painful arthritis any performance dog is going to experience as the years of athletic activity begin to mount up. No other ingredient I have found compares to the power of the proprietary Aliva Joint Health Complex, exclusive to this Dr. Bill’s nutritional supplement.

Pregnant & Lactating Dogs

Dogs are known for wanting to please their owners, and sometimes the owners ask for more than their dog’s joints can physically take. All active and large breed dogs would benefit greatly from the additional lubrication and joint repairing support nutrients found in Canine FlexPro.

By Clayton Bolinger
February 28, 2023