Dr. Bill Barnett

DVM, Founder of Advanced Veterinary Nutrition

Dr. Bill Barnett“Over the past 36 years, I’ve dedicated myself to researching almost every aspect of animal nutrition and its relationship to health and longevity.  I have worked with show and obedience dogs, working breeds, hunting, agility and guard dogs, high-performance racing and sled dogs, as well as extraordinary pets like yours. After graduating from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine, I began an ongoing course of study that emphasized keeping animals healthy rather than treating them once they became sick. My goal to maximize the full potential of animal life allowing them to live healthier and longer lives has continued for the past 40 years. And now, I have put all those years of experience and knowledge into 10 new products that reflect a proactive approach towards keeping animals healthy and extending their lives. These products utilize the very latest in scientific knowledge and ingredient technology. The Advanced Veterinary Nutrition line of products have stood the test of time and have become valuable tools for veterinarians across the country. I hope you will find them to be useful with your patients as well.” William M. Barnett, DVM Founder of Advanced Veterinary Nutrition