Most pets today are being overfed, yet are undernourished in terms of nutrients.

The skin and coat can be one of the first indications of a nutritionally related problem, but there are many factors at play. Read more in the articles below:

Canine & Feline Nutritional Requirements

American society as a whole has become increasingly aware of the importance of…

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Carnivore Dietary Anatomy & Physiology

The first thing to note about the digestive system of all carnivores is that they…

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Optimum Nutrition for all Life Stages

The primary nutritional goal during growth is to assure full genetic potential where…

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Factors that Affect Nutritional Needs

In general, pet food companies provide energy needs that are based primarily on body…

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Today’s Pet Foods – What They Provide

If you believe that a steady diet of highly processed foods would not be healthy for…

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Nutritional Supplementation – A Healthy Solution

Did you know most pet foods, even the so-called premium brands, are formulated to…

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