Dr. Bill’s CogniPro Recommendations for Each Stage of Life

Dr. Bill’s recommendations:

Senior Cats

Feline CogniPro can be a useful addition to ProBalance if you are noticing negative changes in your senior cat’s behavior. Just like people, all cats will at some point experience mental decline. However, it has been shown that most cognitive dysfunction issues can be managed with appropriate nutrition supplementation. So, I recommend that all senior cats have Feline CogniPro added to their food. By providing the 12 specific nutrients that feed the brain, thousands of cat owners have been delighted to discover that they were able to slow, and in many cases even reverse, the progression of cognitive dysfunction and keep their senior cat purring for a long, long time.

Senior Dogs

Just like humans, most dogs experience mental decline and cognitive dysfunction as they age. However, with proper nutritional support it has been shown that cognitive issues may be managed and sometimes even reversed. For this reason, I believe that all aging dogs should be on my Canine CogniPro product throughout their senior years. By directly providing the 12 specific nutrients that feed the brain you may slow the progression of cognitive dysfunction and get your best friend back for their remaining years.

Injured & Recovering Dogs

If your ill or recovering dog is a senior dog, the stresses of illness or injury can bring on behaviors that could indicate the beginning of cognitive decline. Should any signs of dementia be present, I recommend starting my Canine CogniPro as soon as possible. Proactive supplementation is always faster and cheaper than trying to recover after a more serious decline has already started.

By Clayton Bolinger
February 28, 2023